15 Most Powerful Natural Medical Plants

15 Most Powerful Natural Medical Plants
15 Most Powerful Natural Medical Plants

15 Most Powerful Natural Medical Plants

Medicinal plants are used to cure diseases from ancient times. Even now we use medicinal plants for various purposes. Most of the medicines we use now are derived from these plants. Growing these plants in your garden will give you a number of benefits.

From a pleasant scent in your garden to cure of your health problem with least side effects, these plants will act like a first-aid. Easy to grow as well as it requires least caring. So here are 15 most powerful plants that is nature’s gift to human being.

15 Most Powerful Natural Medical Plants


It is one of the most found plants. You can easily grow aloe vera at home in a well drained soil and just keep it near sunlight. That’s it just water your plant daily. Aloe vera can cure number of diseases as well as saves you from many diseases.

The sap of this aloe vera plant is used in many ways. Got a pimple problem, apply the sap in your face. Drinking aloe vera juice is good for your stomach and digestion. You can even apply it to your hair for smooth hair as well as used to cure headaches.


You must have noticed that your food contain some amount of ginger. It is used as a spice at home and can easily be grown at your home garden. The best part about growing ginger is that it doesn’t require much sunlight, so you can even keep it in your kitchen.

Ginger can be used in all forms, fresh, dried, powdered. Got a dry cough, cold, sore throat, indigestion? The best home remedy is ginger.


Ever wondered why neem is used in soap, face wash, hand wash and many more products? Neem leaves have properties that is useful for both in and out of your body part. Neem trees are widely grown in India. Its fruit, bark, leaves and oil are useful for number of health problems.

Neem is useful for acne, loss of appetite, fever, diabetes, gum diseases, liver problems etc. Its oil can be used as insect repellent. Even stem is used for brushing your teeth.


You must have seen it in your home turmeric is used as a spice. From ancient times turmeric is used as a medicine. It has got plenty of properties.

If you want to prevent cancer, high blood pressure, fungal infection, ulcers, use turmeric. It can be used as raw or made into powder. Turmeric is also healthy for your skin. It can be easily grown in your garden.


It is basically found in India. With its healthy properties its leaves as well as seeds are eaten. For a diabetic patient it is useful in many ways. Want to loose weight? Soak some fenugreek seeds overnight and drink its water as well as seeds in morning. It even helps in lowering your blood cholesterol level.


Peppermint is basically a herb used in wide ways. It is probably the oldest medicine that can be grown in your home garden. It is rich in vitamin A, C, and manganese. Got a upset stomach? Use peppermint. It can be used in food, juices, and flavouring agent.


It is a beautiful flower with plenty of properties. The most amazing thing about this flower is it can be grown in any type of soil. Even if you are not an expert you can still grow this plant in your garden with basic skills. It contains an antioxidant used to reduce tumors. It is used as a remedy for skin problems like sprains, wounds, sore eyes, irritated skin etc.


Lavender is best known as a remedy for glowing skin. This plant will give your garden a beautiful colour as well as contains medicinal properties. The lavender oil has antibacterial properties. It is useful in many medical conditions like stress, insomnia, and anxiety.


Garlic is used in many countries for its taste enhancing property. It is a popular herb that can heal number of diseases. With rich in nutrition and low calorie content garlic is used to improve your immunity, provides protection against cancer infections, and reduces blood pressure.


It is mostly found in central Asia. This leafy vegetable has healing properties. It is rich in vitamin K, A, C, B1, manganese, magnesium, zinc and selenium. This healthy leafy vegetable improves your nervous system, protect your eyesight, strengthen your bone and helps to fight against cancer.


This healthy plant is native to two continents that is Europe and Central Asia. Now you can find this in all parts of the world because of its flavour and medicinal benefits. It is considered as best natural cure for headache and migraine. It even relaxes your muscles and balance your digestive system.


This plant is basically found in Central America. This plant is also known as cone flower and popular as herb. Echinacea’s leaves, stem, flower and roots are used for medical purposes. It helps in improving your immunity and for growth of blood cells.


This plant is native to South America. It is an edible flowering plant and also used in medical field for making medicines. It is used to as a substitute in wine and coffee. It is rich in vitamins and nutrients that can cure liver problems ad many more.


It is a herb and contains various volatile oils such as matricin, bisabolol A, Bisabolol B. This plant doesn’t have any side effect and protects from bacterial infections, balance your digestive system.


Cannabis plants primarily used for medical or recreational purposes. It is also known as marijuana and primarily used for medical purposes. It affects your mental and physical health. Many of the smokers use Cannabis as a herb in there glassbunt. It is basically a glass pipe that is substituted in a place of paper blunts.

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